Department Events

Friday Colloquium: Friday colloquia are regular gatherings of department members to share research and hold seminars and workshops. Topics vary; about one event is scheduled each month. For more information, please email the Friday Colloquium Organizer, Prof. David Mora-Marín.

LGSA: The Linguistics Graduate Student Association (LGSA) holds frequent meetings to attend to business matters within the department and within the Association. For more information, please contact the LGSA President, Emily Moeng.

Spectrogram Lunch: Spectrogram Lunch is an afternoon spectrogram guessing game, held every two weeks. Someone volunteers to bring a mystery spectrogram, while the others try to figure out what it says. Anyone is welcome to attend and snacks are often available.

Spring Colloquium: The Spring Colloquium is a day-long colloquium featuring talks and presentations by linguists from around the world, as well as by invited scholars. The Spring Colloquium is a student-organized event, held annually. For more information, please see the Spring Colloquium Web Page.

Underling Events: For more information, about the undergraduate linguistics club, Underling, please contact the Underling President.

Linguistics Outreach Group: The UNC Linguistics Outreach Group (LOG) aims to generate interest and knowledge about linguistics in the local community.

Other events on the Event Calendar include talks or functions in other departments which may be of interest to linguists.