UNC Linguistics Spring Colloquium 2019

April 6th, 2019

Every spring, the Linguistics Graduate Student Association at UNC-Chapel Hill puts on its annual Spring Colloquium. We invite fellow linguists from all over to present and discuss current topics of interest in the field in an all-day conference. The Colloquium is free for all who present or attend; there is no registration fee. This coming spring, it will take place on April 6th, with Dr. Barbara Partee (UMass Amherst) as our keynote speaker. We will also be featuring Dr. Paul Roberge as an invited UNC speaker.


Campus Map
Room 3411 on the third floor of the Frank Porter Graham Student Union (209 South Road; green box on the campus map).

Note: It is easy to get confused about what floor of the Union you are on depending on where you enter the building. The room numbers change with the floor, so 2000s are on the second floor, 3000s on the third, etc. The conference room is on the far east side of the building (the “back” if you enter from the main entrance).


If you plan to drive, parking will be available in Cobb Parking Deck (blue box on the map), accessible from Raleigh Street or Country Club Road.

  • Once you park, leave the deck on foot and follow the red path on the map between Joyner and Alexander halls.
  • Cross Raleigh Street to reach the Union.
  • Go up the ramp, and enter through the door to the left (near the bike racks).
  • Climb to the top of the stairs.
  • Exit the stairwell, and turn left. The conference room (3411) will be on your left. Student volunteers will be available to help guide you.

Note: There are a few other events happening on campus on the same day as the conference. This may impact the ease of finding a parking spot in Cobb Deck if you arrive later in the day and will likely introduce road closures that slightly complicate driving on campus.

Schedule of Events

Please see the official Colloquium Program.

YouTube Livestream

A livestream will be available on YouTube at this location.

Programs from Past Spring Colloquia

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