About the Friday Colloquium

The UNC Linguistics Friday Colloquium series (not to be confused with the annual Spring Colloquium) serves three purposes:

  • a place for UNC graduate students and faculty to present current work for feedback and discussion in a friendly, supportive atmosphere
  • an opportunity for our department to host talks by speakers from other UNC departments or elsewhere
  • a venue for professional-development workshops for linguistics graduate students

All events are 3:30-4:30 pm, and are held in Smith Building 107 unless otherwise indicated. If anyone is interested in giving a Friday Colloquium talk, please contact the current organizer, David Mora-Marín at davidmm@unc.edu

Spring 2019

Jan 11 Charles Yang (UPenn): “The Linguistic Basis of Natural Number”
Jan 18 Meeting with Grad Students
Jan 24 Mark Van Stone (SWC): Identifying Scribal Hands in Maya Inscriptions
Feb 1 Steven Kramer (UNC): “Syntaxs Role in Spanish Adjective Meaning
Feb 8 NCSU Brown Bag: John Baugh, “Linguistic Profiling” (330 pm, Caldwell G111)
Feb 15 Language and political discourse workshop
Mar 1 Mary Kate Kelley:

A Historical Sociolinguistic Approach to the Ancient Maya Texts of Piedras Negras and Yaxchilan

Mar 29 Brian Hsu: Variation in nominal functional structure: the view from non-article determiner co-occurrence
Apr 5 Jules Mansaly: Naming in Balanta: Typology and Semantic Content
Apr 11 Steven Kramer, Yunshu Xie
Apr 12 Megan Godowski: The Rules of the Game: Formalizing Anti-Faithfulness in Verlan


Related Event: Apr 6: Linguistics Spring Colloquium

Fall 2018

 Sept 21  Erik Thomas: “A Model for Language Shifts by Immigrant Groups” (Live-stream Dey 404, 3:30pm)
Sept 28  Misha Becker: “Parents’ and Teachers’ Language Attitudes in a Bilingual Community”
Oct 5 David Mora-Marín: “Reconstruction of Possession Morphology in the Mayan Languages”
Nov 2  Open
Wed Nov 7 Carol-Rose Little (Cornell University): “A binary feature analysis of the Ch’ol person paradigm“, 4-5 pm, GEC 1009
Nov 30 Open

Spring 2018

Jan 19th David Mora-Marín: An Historical Sociolinguistic Approach to Classic Mayan Hieroglyphic Texts
Jan 26th Linguistics Outreach Group Meeting
Feb 2nd Emily Moeng: Distributional learning: Change in expectation without a change in sensitivity
Feb 9th Available
Feb 16th Brian Hsu: Coalescence: A unified approach to bundling mechanisms in syntax
Mar 2nd Ben Frey: ‘Data is nice’: Pedagogical and theoretical applications of an Eastern Cherokee corpus
Mar 9th Mykel Brinkerhoff: Introduction to LaTeX for Linguists
Mar 30th Holiday
Apr 6th Craig Melchert: Topic and/or Focus in Hittite
Apr 13th Armin Schwegler (University of California at Irvine): Creolists in Conversation with Population Genetics (DNA): Opportunities and Challenges
Apr 20th Abbas Benmamoun (Duke University): Concatenative vs. Non-Concatenative Morphology at the Interface


Fall 2017

 Sept 8 New Graduate Student Orientation (led by Prof. Elliott Moreton)
Sept 15 Open
Sept 29 No Colloquium (faculty meeting)
Oct 6 Brian Hsu: Evidence for a head-bundling parameter from variation in clausal and nominal structure
Oct 13 Jen Boehm and Amy Reynolds: Sgaw Karen research update
Oct 27 Joseph Lam (UNC-CH, Religious Studies): The Cuneiform Alphabetic Script from Ugarit and its Adaptations
Nov 10 Katya Pertsova: Including the inclusive
Nov 17 Professional development workshop for graduate students


Spring 2017

Jan. 27 No Colloquium (Faculty Meeting)
Feb 3 Talk by Katya Pertsova — CANCELED due to campus closing (water emergency)
Feb 10 Linguistics Outreach Group (LOG) meeting
Apr 7 Misha Becker presenting on her and Ben Frey’s research: A multi-pronged approach to revitalization of Eastern Cherokee


Fall 2016

Sept. 2 Misha Becker, “Learning about Abstract Predicates via Sentence-Level and Environmental Cues”
Sept. 9 Graduate Student Orientation (led by Prof. Elliott Moreton)
Sept. 16 Open
Sept. 30 David Mora Marín, “The Origin and Decipherment of Olmec Writing: History of Research and Recent Approaches to An Old Problem”
Oct 7 Professional development workshop: Abstract-writing in Linguistics
Oct 14 Professional development workshop: Website Design for Linguistics Graduate Students
 Nov. 11  Ian Maddieson (University of New Mexico and University of California at Berkeley): Languages are affected by environment: Human language diversity and the acoustic adaptation hypothesis

Nov. 18: Linguistics Outreach Group meeting


Spring 2016

Jan. 29 Misha Becker, “Children’s Learning of Emotion Adjectives”
Feb. 5 Craig Melchert, “Relative Clauses in Indo-European Anatolian Languages”
Feb. 19 Mohamed Mwamzandi (UNC-CH, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies), “A corpus study of Swahili conditional constructions”
Mar. 4 Misha Becker
Mar. 5 Spring Colloquium
April 1 Bruno Estigarribia (UNC-CH, Romance Studies), “A biclausal analysis of Spanish clitic left dislocation with epithets”
April 15 J. Michael Terry
April 22 Cristina Schmitt (Michigan State University), “Variation effects in the acquisition of the grammar”

 Fall 2015

Sep 11 Amy Reynolds, WordPress workshop
Sep 18 Kline Gilbert, “Structure of nominal complex compounds: linking elements in Swedish and Turkish”
Oct 2 Amy Reynolds and Jennifer Boehm, UGA practice talks
Oct 9 David Mora-Marin, “On the ‘Firm Glottal Stops’ of the Mayan Languages: Clues to Their Historical Reconstruction”
Oct 30 Becky Butler and Katya Pertsova
Nov 6 Elliott Moreton and Katya Pertsova  “Implicit and explicit learning of cues to grammatical gender”  BU practice talk
Nov 20 Professional development workshop: Publishing your work and applying to conferences


Spring 2015

Jan 9 Ivy Hauser, “Faith-UO: Analyzing opacity in Harmonic Serialism”
Jan 30 Telecolloq with NC State University
Caroline Myrick “Question formation on the island of Saba: An acoustics-based analysis of syntactic and prosodic variation”
Jon Forrest “Frequency Effects and Vowel Lenition in (ING)”
Joel Schneier “Intra-Speaker Variation in Syllable Timing: the Zeitlin Tapes and Reconsidering PVI”
Feb 27 Yasushi Yoshimoto (University of the Ryukyus and UNC-CH alum and visiting scholar), “What Can Okinawan Say about the C1-LIN Theory of Allomorphy?”
Mar 20 Becky Butler, “Deconstructing the Southeast Asian Sesquisyllable”
Sat Mar 28 2015 Spring Colloquium!
Apr 10 Caleb Hicks, “Linguistic asymmetries of ‘subject’ and ‘object’ in Alabama, Cherokee, and Yuchi”
Apr 17 Katya Pertsova


Fall 2014

Sept 5 Prof. Misha Becker, “Reaction Time as a Measure of Implicit Grammaticality Judgment” (Phillips 328)
Sept 12 Professional Development Workshop: Graduate Student Orientation (led by Prof. Elliott Moreton) (Phillips 328)
Sept 19 Prof. David Mora-Marín, “Mayan Paleography: Processes of Graphic Change in Mayan Writing” (Phillips 328)
Oct 10 Professional development workshop: Tools for graduate students (Praat, WordPress, PsychPy, etc.) (Smith Building 107)


Spring 2011

Jan 14 Professional development workshop (Alice Drozdiak and Crandall Hicks)Making and uploading a web site
Feb 4 Dean Pettit (UNC-CH, Philosophy), “Varieties of natural language quantification”
Feb 11 Alice Drozdiak“Hyperarticulation as a Tool for Distinguishing Pitch Accent Effects from Word-Final Lengthening”
Feb 25 Professional development workshop (University Career Services)Non-academic careers for linguistics grad students Location: The UCS Seminar Room, Hanes Hall
Mar 18 Kerstin Schwabe, Center for General Linguistics, ZAS, Berlin, and Robert Fittler, Mathematical Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin (Emeritus), “Purely logical conditions ruling German proposition embeddings”
Sat Mar 26 2 0 1 1   S p r i n g   C o l l o q u i u m !
Apr 1 Robin Dodsworth, NCSU”A 3-generation view of the effects of dialect contact on the Raleigh front vowel system”
Apr 8 Professional development workshop: Teaching workshop for LING 101 and beyond
Apr 15 Susannah Kirby, UBC (UNC alum!)”Putting Raising above Control: A prototype analysis of child and adult phenomena”


Fall 2010

Aug 27 Linguistics grad student orientation and department reception
Sept 24 David Mora-Marín“Documenting the Mije(-Sokean) language from San Juan Guichicovi (Oaxaca, Mexico): First impressions and future prospects”
Oct 15 Mary Kohn“The more things change, the more (some) things stay the same: A longitudinal analysis of the vowel spaces in childhood and adolescent African American English”
Oct 29 Mamarame Seck (UNC-CH, African and Afro-American Studies),  “Information structure or focus in Wolof narratives”
Nov 12 Professional development workshop: Choosing conferences and submitting abstracts