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March 3rd. 11am: Andij Rusyn on leveraging large language models (like Chat GPT3) in business applications and beyond

Andriy is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill who majored in Computer Science and minored in Entrepreneurship and German (though he almost went for a linguistics minor as well). After graduating, he worked as a Consultant designing and building business software. The startup world pulled him back, and he ended up working as the Director of Product for Eight Sleep (a Series C startup that raised $150m). He left 6 months ago to pursue his vision of building an AI assistant that helps people reach their goals and is now building

Talk overview:
The talk will focus on the power of large language models and how students can prepare for a world where AI can do pretty much everything. It won’t be super technical, but will mostly focus on describing where we are now, a little bit of how we got here, and a fair amount of where we might go next.