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Computational Linguistics Graduate Certificate

Brown Bag Seminar series

SPRING 2023 Schedule

Most talks this semester will take place on Fridays at 11am (Eastern) in person in Hanes Hall, 125. Some speakers will join us by Zoom, but I’m hoping we can have as many in-person attendees as possible. If you need to join by Zoom instead, please e-mail me ahead of time ( We are continuing to schedule talks for this semester, so please check back for updates.

  • March 3rd: Andij Rusyn (

    Andriy is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill who majored in Computer Science and minored in Entrepreneurship and German (though he almost went for a linguistics minor as well). After graduating, he worked as a Consultant designing and building business software. The startup world pulled him back, and he ended up working as the Director of Product for Eight Sleep (a Series C startup that raised $150m). He left 6 months ago to pursue his vision of building an AI assistant that helps people reach their goals and is now building

    Talk overview:
    The talk will focus on the power of large language models and how students can prepare for a world where AI can do pretty much everything. It won’t be super technical, but will mostly focus on describing where we are now, a little bit of how we got here, and a fair amount of where we might go next.

  • March 24th: Brandon Pricket, UMass Amherst


Past speakers have included:

  • Kristen Summers (IBM)
  • Peter Baumgartner (RTI)
  • Stacy Joines (IBM)
  • James Jushchuk (IBM)
  • Julia Kuznetsova (Sharecare)
  • Henk Harkema (NLP/AI Research Engineer at McD Tech Labs)
  • Snigdha Chaturvedi (UNC Computer Science)
  • Doug Schepers (Fizz Studio)
  • Colin Raffel (UNC Computer Science)
  • Sujatha Perepa (IBM)
  • Damir Cavar (Indiana University Department of Linguistics, affiliated with Data Science and Cognitive Science Programs)
  • Kirsty Weitzel (RTI)
  • Neal Snider (Nuance Communications)
  • Tal Linzen (NYU Department of Linguistics and Center for Data Science)
  • Aniello De Santo, University of Utah
  • Jaime Arguello, UNC School of Information and Library Science