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2023 Seniors: Quotes and Memories

Here are some quotations, memories, and parting thoughts from members of the UNC-CH Linguistics class of 2023!

Looking back, I realize that every year of college except for my freshman year, I’ve ended up submitting a dead serious assignment that somehow mentions the moon being made out of cheese… I never planned this, but now I wish I had.

English orthography is tough though the thorough can get through it with thought.

—Gary Zhang (May 2023)

“If the ears that listen to money talk go deaf, money will learn sign language.” —Me

—Gavin George (May 2023)

Alas, two years is far too short a time to learn among such excellent and admirable linguists. I’ve made so many memories here at UNC, from chalking hieroglyphs on the sidewalk and distributing wug pins to writing grammar-inspired sketch comedy and navigating multilingual scavenger hunts. Leading UnderLing this year has been an honor and a delight, and I’m also deeply grateful to the professors who have shared their expertise and welcomed my countless questions. Language is even more complicated, beautiful, and fun than I imagined, and I want to study it for the rest of my life.

—Lydia Boshart