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P’urhepecha Research Group P-Side

This group represents a continuation of research on P’urhepecha/Purépecha/Tarascan, ISO 639-3, begun in the Spring of 2017, a year ago, as part of a the Field Methods in Linguistics, Ling 573, class taught by Assoc. Prof. David Mora-Marín. The group is currently in hiatus, with almost all previous student members having graduated already.

The group has included four researchers: David Mora-Marín, who is investigating ethnoanatomical taxonomy; Tristan Bavol, who is eliciting materials that will be useful in the preparation of pedagogical materials for English speakers wishing to learn P’urhepecha, but who also wrote and defended an MA thesis on Preferred Argument Structure of P’urhepecha in the Spring of 2020; Yining Zhu, who invested predicative and attributive possession in P’urhepecha for her Honors Thesis, defended in Spring 2018; and Victoria Brown, who together with Tristan Bavol developed a project on the numeral system of P’urhepecha which they co-presented at the SSILA meetings in January 2020.

We have been working primarily with two native speaker consultants: Francisco Cuaraque and Adriana Cuaraque.

We will post updates reporting on prelminary results of these projects in the near future.