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Research in linguistics at Carolina runs the gamut from field work with speakers of indigenous languages, to the study of ancient writing systems, to experimental studies on children’s language, to the development of computational models of language learning. Graduate students are expected to conduct their own original research, and there are many opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in faculty-led research projects.

The best way to get involved is to join one of the following research groups:

  • P-Side: Research in phonetics and phonology
  • M-Side: Research in Mayan languages and linguistics
  • Acquisition Lab: Research in child language acquisition
  • K-Side: Research in the Karen, Burmese, language
  • Sporklab: Research in word blends
  • P’-Side: Research on P’urhepecha (Tarascan)

Highly motivated students interested in pursuing their own research project should seek a faculty advisor and enroll in one of our research courses:

  • LING 395 Group Mentored Research
  • LING 495 Individual Mentored Research
  • LING 691H/692H Honors thesis

We also offer a variety of courses that incorporate research directly into the curriculum. The following courses are considered to be Research-Exposure, Research-Methods, or Research-Intensive:

LING 202LING 422LING 395
LING 333LING 460LING 495
LING 428LING 573LING 520
LING 527
LING 530
LING 541
LING 542
LING 563
LING 573
LING 574