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UNC linguists at the 2021 LSA and sister society meetings

A number of UNC linguistics students, faculty, and alumni presented over the weekend at the 2021 annual meetings of the Linguistic Society of America and North American Research Network on Historical Sociolinguistics, both hosted virtually. They presented the following works:


Yu Cai. “Phonetic description: lexical tones in Nanchang Gan.”
Lamar Graham. “A longitudinal study of hesitation markers in Mexico City Spanish: este and eh then and now.”
Brian Hsu. “Probe competition and probe blocking: evidence for Harmonic Grammar in phrasal movement.”
Anissa Neal (BA 2016, MA 2017, now UMass Amherst) and Brian Dillon (UMass Amherst). “Definitely islands? An investigation into the offline and online status of definite islands.”
Francesco Gardani (Zurich), Hugo Salgado (MA 2014, now Ohio State), and Justin Pinta (MA 2013, now Ohio State). “Loanword markers in nouns and verbs: A comparative perspective.”
Eliot Raynor (BA 2007, now Princeton). “Perceptions of (ethno)linguistic identity and difference across two dialect areas of western Colombia.”


David Mora-Marín. “Historical Sociolinguistics of Mayan Writing: Graphic and Graphemic Variation and Change”

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