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What is Linguistics?

Linguistics is the Science of Language

How does language work? What is its structure, in sentences, words and sounds or signs? How do we learn it? How do we use it to communicate? How does it change over time?

Linguistics is the science of human language. From the individual level to the social, language permeates our experiences and human interactions. Language enables us to communicate with people around us, to listen to our neighbors, and we learn new languages to cross boundaries, to forge new connections both locally and on a global scale.

At Carolina we provide students with the tools to analyze the languages of the world and the languages and dialects spoken in our state. We offer courses in formal grammar, sentence structure, sound patterns and meaning, computational linguistics, language acquisition and sociolinguistics, and more. We offer an Undergraduate Major and Minor, an MA in Linguistics, a Graduate Certificate in Computational Linguistics, and the opportunity for students to pursue a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics in conjunction with Romance Studies.

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Check out our electives for Spring 2024!

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Check out our electives for Spring 2024!

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Featured Alumni

Duna Gylfadottir

BA, Double Major in Linguistics and Romance Languages, Spanish

Grant King

BA in Linguistics and Economics, Minor in Japanese

Christina Boyle (Fea)

BA in Linguistics and Communication Studies, Minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences