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The Undergraduate Program

Linguistics Major for Pre-Speech and Hearing Students

Linguistics as a Compatible Major

Students who complete the undergraduate major in Linguistics will gain an understanding of many aspects of normally developing human language. This is a useful background for graduate work in Speech & Hearing Science, at UNC (SPHS) or elsewhere.

The Linguistics major consists of 3 core courses and 4 electives, so you have a great deal of flexibility (while consulting with your undergraduate advisor) in designing your individual program of study within the major. Some of the elective course requirements can be fulfilled with certain Communication (COMM) and/or SPHS courses.

How UNC SPHS Courses Fit the Linguistics Major

Graduate programs in speech and hearing sciences often expect applicants to have completed certain types of courses before they begin their graduate work. Different graduate programs may have different requirements, so you may wish to contact individual programs for specific details. As an example, the UNC-CH Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences makes the following recommendations:

This table lists some of the UNC-CH courses that are likely to fulfill prerequisites for graduate programs in speech & hearing science, showing how these courses can be applied toward the Linguistics major.

UNC-CH courses that may fill SPHS prerequisites
As applied to the UNC-CH LING major
ENGL 314
The English language
Major Elective
LING 101
Introduction to Language
LING major prerequisite
LING 200
Core course
LING 201
Core course
LING 203
Language Acquisition and Development
Core course
LING 520
Linguistic Phonetics
Core course
LING 527
Core course
SPHS 540
Speech Science
Major elective
SPHS 570
Anatomy & Physiology of Speech & Hearing
Major elective
SPHS 582
Introduction to Audiology
Major elective

One other SPHS course may also be applied toward the LING major as a major elective: SPHS 530 – Introduction to Phonetics. If you wish to apply this course toward the LING major, please consult with the undergraduate advisor to obtain authorization.