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Courses, Spring 2021

See also all LING courses and their descriptions in the UNC-CH Course Catalog.

CourseSectionCourse TitleDaysStartEndModalityRoomInstructor
LING 101001Introduction to LanguageMW11:15 AM12:05 PMremote synchn/aPertsova
LING 101002Introduction to LanguageMWF01:25 PM02:15 PMremote asynchn/aTBA
LING 101003Introduction to LanguageMW03:35 PM04:50 PMremote asynchn/aTBA
LING 101004Introduction to LanguageTR12:30 PM01:45 PMremote synchn/aTBA
LING 138001Linguistic AnthropologyMWF02:30 PM03:20 PMremote synchn/aMora-Marin
LING 145001 Language, Communication, and Human and Animal MindsMWF11:15 AM12:05 PMremote synchn/aVarey
LING 200001PhonologyTR03:30 PM04:45 PMremote synchn/aSmith
LING 201001SyntaxTR03:30 PM04:45 PMremote synchn/aHsu
LING 260001Languages of Southeast AsiaMWF10:10 AM11:00 AMremote synchn/aButler
LING 290001Special Topics: Constructed LanguagesTR12:30 PM01:45 PMremote synchn/aHsu
LING 302001Language and PowerTR11:00 AM12:15 PMremote synchn/aSt. John
LING 333001Human Language and Animal CommunicationMWF01:25 PM02:15 PMremote synchn/aMoreton
LING 360001Introduction to Hispanic LinguisticsTuTh11:00 AM12:15 PMremote asynchn/aGraham
LING 376001[Spanish] Phonetics and PhonologyMWF09:05 AM09:55 AMremote synchn/aRuiz-Garcia
LING 401001Language and ComputersMWF02:30 PM03:20 PMremote synchn/aPertsova
LING 428001Bilingualism and Second-Language AcquisitionTR09:30 AM10:45 AMin personVenable G311Becker
LING 455001Symbolic LogicMW10:10 AM11:25 AMremote synchn/aRoberts
LING 523*001Phonological Theory IMW03:35 PM04:50 PMremote synchn/aMoreton
LING 542001Pidgins and CreolesTR02:00 PM03:15 PMremote synchn/aRoberge
LING 547001Language Deficits and CognitionMWF11:15 AM12:05 PMremote synchn/aDomby
LING 560001Mesoamerican Languages and LinguisticsMWF12:20 PM01:10 PMremote synchn/aMora-Marin
LING 563001Structure of JapaneseTR11:00 AM12:15 PMremote synchn/aSmith
LING 565001French Phonetics and PhonologyTBATBATBATBATBATBA

* Intended for graduate students only. Undergraduates may enroll with permission from instructor.