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Courses, Spring 2023

See also all LING courses and their descriptions in the UNC-CH Course Catalog.

Linguistics Courses

CourseSectionCourse TitleDaysStartEndRoomInstructor
LING 1011Introduction to LanguageMW11:15:00 AM12:05:00 PMHO 115Hsu, Brian
LING 1012Introduction to LanguageMWF1:25:00 PM2:15:00 PMMU 204STAFF
LING 1013Introduction to LanguageTR12:30:00 PM1:45:00 PMGC 1009STAFF
LING 101601Intro to Lang (recitation)F10:10:00 AM11:00:00 AMPE 2060STAFF
LING 101602Intro to Lang (recitation)F11:15:00 AM12:05:00 PMGA 7STAFF
LING 1651Exploring the World's LanguagesRAremote asynchronousRemoteSTAFF
LING 2001PhonologyTR12:30:00 PM1:45:00 PMDE 304Smith, Jennifer
LING 2011SyntaxMW3:35:00 PM4:50:00 PMDE 304Hsu, Brian
LING 2021Linguistic Variation and Language ChangeMWF12:20:00 PM1:10:00 PMDE 304Mora-Marin, David
LING 2601Languages of Southeast AsiaMWF10:10:00 AM11:00:00 AMPE 2080Butler, Becky
LING 3031Native Languages of the AmericasMWF2:30:00 PM3:20:00 PMDE 304Mora-Marin, David
LING 3331Human Language and Animal CommunicationMWF1:25:00 PM2:15:00 PMDE 304Moreton, A Elliott
LING 4011Language and ComputersTR9:30:00 AM10:45:00 AMDE 304Rodriguez, Jamilläh
LING 4601Making Sense of Big Data: Textual Analysis with RTR11:00:00 AM12:15:00 PMGS G010Pertsova, Katya
LING 5001Linguistics ColloquiumF3:30:00 PM4:50:00 PMSM 0107STAFF
LING 5231Phonological Theory IMW3:35:00 PM4:50:00 PMCW 208Moreton, A Elliott
LING 5421Pidgins and CreolesTR11:00:00 AM12:15:00 PMDE 304Roberge, Paul
LING 5471Language Deficits and CognitionTR3:30:00 PM4:45:00 PMDE 304Terry, J Michael
LING 5611Native Languages of the AmericasMWF2:30:00 PM3:20:00 PMDE 304Mora-Marin, David
LING 5621Structure of RussianTR2:00:00 PM3:15:00 PMDE 304Pertsova, Katya

* Intended for graduate students only. Undergraduates may enroll with permission from instructor.

Cross-Listed Courses

PHIL/LING 145001Language CommunicationsMW3:35pm4:50pmDE 0307Copic, Sara
SPAN/LING 360001Intro to Hispanic LinguisticsTR11:00am12:15pmDE 0205Graham, Lamar
SPAN/LING 376001Spanish Phonetics and PhonologyMWF12:20pm1:10pmAL 0203Ruiz-Garcia, Martha
PHIL/LING 455001Symbolic LogicMW10:10am11:25pmCW 0213Roberts, John