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Courses, Fall 2022

See also all LING courses and their descriptions in the UNC-CH Course Catalog.

Course list updated March 21, 2022.

CourseSectionCourse TitleDaysStartEndRoomInstructor
LING 070
1FYS: Language in the U.S.A.TR3:304:45Dey 402Roberge
LING 0891FYS: Special TopicsMW3:353:50Dey 304Smith
LING 1011Introduction to Language MW10:1011:00AR 121Becker
LING 1012Introduction to Language MWF2:303:20GA 209
LING 1013Introduction to Language MW3:354:50GA 209
LING 101H1Introduction to Language--HonorsMWF11:1512:05GM 210Terry
LING 2001Phonology TR3:304:45CW 103Moreton
LING 2301Constructed Languages: Theory and TypologyTR12:301:45Dey 304Hsu
LING 5201Linguistic PhoneticsMWF11:1512:05Dey 304Smith
LING 5261Second-Language Phonetics and PhonologyTR11:0012:15Dey 304Moreton
LING 530*1Syntactic Theory I TR3:304:45Dey 304Hsu
LING 5371Semantic Theory IMWF1:252:15Dey 304Terry
LING 5401Mathematical LinguisticsTR2:003:15Dey 304Pertsova
LING 5411SociolinguisticsMW3:354:50Dey (?)St. John
LING 5451Language and MindTR09:3010:45Dey 304Pertsova

* Intended for graduate students only. Undergraduates may enroll with permission from instructor.