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Courses, Fall 2024

See also all LING courses and their descriptions in the UNC-CH Course Catalog.

Course list updated March 19, 2024

LING 60001How Reading WorksTR3:30p4:45pGS 1370J Smith
LING 101001Introduction to LanguageMW10:10a11:00aHO 0115B Hsu
LING 101002Introduction to LanguageMWF2:30p3:20pDE 0304Staff
LING 101003Introduction to LanguageTR12:30p1:45pDE 0304Staff
LING 200001PhonologyTR11:00a12:15pDE 0304J Smith
LING 202001Language ChangeMWF11:15a12:05pDE 0304D Mora-Marin
LING 360001Introduction to Hispanic LinguisticsMW11:15a12:30pDE 0101B EstigarribiaSPAN 360
LING 376001Spanish Phonetics and PhonologyMWF12:20p1:10pDE 0301M Ruiz-GarciaSPAN 376
LING 401001Language and ComputersTR2:00p3:15pDE 0304K Pertsova
LING 460001Textual Analysis with RMW3:35p4:50pGC 1005E Moreton
LING 520001Linguistic PhoneticsMWF12:20p1:10pDE 0304E MoretonANTH 520
LING 528001Linguistic AcquisitionTR11:00a12:15pMU 0222M Becker
LING 530001Syntactic Theory IMWF2:30p3:20pPH 0220B Hsu
LING 537001Semantic Theory ITR3:30p4:45pDE 0304M Terry
LING 541001SociolinguisticsMWF1:25p2:15pDE 0304D Mora-MarinANTH 541
LING 545001Language and MindTR9:30a10:45aDE 0304K Pertsova
LING 700001Linguistics ColloquiumF3:30p4:30pSM 0107Various