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Courses, Fall 2021

See also all LING courses and their descriptions in the UNC-CH Course Catalog.

Course list updated May 25, 2021.

CourseSectionCourse TitleDaysStartEndRoomInstructor
LING 101001Introduction to LanguageMW(F)11:15 AM12:05 PMGlobal 1015Smith
LING 101002Introduction to LanguageMWF 2:30 PM3:20 PMDey 304Staff
LING 101003Introduction to LanguageTR 3:30 PM4:45 PMWilson 217Staff
LING 165001Exploring the World's Languagesasynchronous N/AN/AremoteTerry
LING 200001PhonologyTR 3:30 PM4:45 PMDey 304Moreton
LING 202001Linguistic Variation and Language ChangeMWF 11:15 AM12:05 PMDey 304Mora-Marin
LING 225001Busting Language MythsMWF 2:30 PM3:20 PMPhillips 265Smith
LING 360001Introduction to Hispanic LinguisticsMWF 1:25 PM2:15 PMDey 210Graham
LING 445001Advanced Philosophy of LanguageM 3:00 PM5:30 PMCaldwell 213Pryor
LING 458001Writing Systems: Past, Present, Future, FictionalMWF 1:25 PM2:15 PMDey 304Mora-Marin
LING 520001Linguistic PhoneticsTR 12:30 PM1:45 PMDey 304Moreton
LING 528*001Language Acquisition ITR 9:30 AM10:45 AMDey 304Becker
LING 537001Semantic Theory IMWF 12:20 PM1:10 PMDey 304Terry
LING 541001SociolinguisticsTR 2:00 PM3:15 PMDey 304Roberge
LING 545001Language and MindTR 11:00 AM12:15 PMDey 304Pertsova
LING 500001Linguistics colloquiumF 3:30 PM 4:45 PMTBDBecker

* Intended for graduate students only. Undergraduates may enroll with permission from instructor.