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Friday Colloquium Series

About the Friday Colloquium

The UNC Linguistics Friday Colloquium series (not to be confused with the annual Spring Colloquium) serves three purposes:

  • a place for UNC graduate students and faculty to present current work for feedback and discussion in a friendly, supportive atmosphere
  • an opportunity for our department to host talks by speakers from other UNC departments or elsewhere
  • a venue for professional-development workshops for linguistics graduate students

All events this Fall of 2021 will take place from 3:30-4:30 pm, over Zoom, instead of Smith Building 107. If you are interested in attending or giving a Friday Colloquium talk, please contact the organizer, Michael Terry (

Current Schedule

Friday Colloquium Schedule — Spring 2023

FridaySpeaker(s) Title of Lecture/Workshop
1/13No ColloqNo Colloq
1/20David Mora-MarínAn Update on Lexicosemantic Stability of the Anatomical Domain in the Mayan Languages
1/27No ColloqNo Colloq
2/3Laura Demsey TBA
2/10No ColloqNo Colloq
2/17Lucas AdelinoWebsite Workshop
2/24Elaine YeTBA
3/3Emily MoengApplying to non-academic jobs as a linguist
3/17No ColloqNo Colloq
3/24No ColloqNo Colloq
3/31Daniel Everett The Inferential Foundation of Human Language
4/7No ColloqNo Colloq
4/14Jen RamaduraiInhibitory Control and Sociolinguistic Awareness in Young English-Tamil Bilinguals
4/28No ColloqNo Colloq

Past Colloquia


Friday Colloquium Schedule — Fall 2022

FridaySpeaker(s) Title of Lecture/Workshop
9/23Anissa Neal
9/30Canceled due to weather
10/7Linguistics Outreach Group Meeting
11/4David Mora-MarínTBA
11/11Joy PeltierTBA
11/18Meg FletcherTBA


Friday Colloquium Schedule — Spring 2022

FridaySpeaker(s)Title of Lecture/Workshop
1/14David Mora-MarinThe Nature of the *k > ch Shift in Yucatecan and Greater Q’anjob’alan (Mayan)
1/21No Colloq
1/28No Colloq
1/4No Colloq
2/11Brian Hsu &
Benjamin Frey
Examples to "count" on: data-driven approaches to language revitalization
2/18Jamillah RodriguezThe tonosyntax of Copala Triqui possessive constructions
2/25Jowita NIewulis-Grablunas and Piotr Grablunas What to Choose, &, Linguistic Landscape as a multifunctional tool for minority language studies Case of Greko in Calabria
3/4Jennifer SmithPhonetic naturalness beats core-periphery structure in a Japanese loanword experiment
3/11No Colloq
3/18No Colloq
4/1No Colloq
4/8Jolie Hiers and Samantha GoldenSpanish teacher attitudes toward gender neutral Spanish forms
4/15No Colloq
4/22Dylan ElliottCorrecting Preposition Errors with Deep Learning Models


Friday Colloquium Schedule — Spring 2021

FridaySpeaker(s)Title of Lecture/Workshop
1/22Welcome back!Organization
1/29David F. Mora-MarínAdditional Comparanda for Testing the Mayan-Mijesokean Hypothesis
2/5No event
2/12Ling FacultyGraduate Student Workshop
2/19Katya PertsovaOn morphological productivity and lack thereof: evidence from verbal borrowings into Russian
2/26Jennifer ArnoldAdaptation Effects in Pronoun Comprehension
3/5-3/6SLINKI 2021—No FLC
3/19Kathryn LeechInput and Interaction: The role of caregiver speech in children’s early language and literacy development
3/26Phil EdwardsCourse Design and Critical Pedagogy
4/9Jeffrey BournsCherokee Philology: Methods and Discoveries
4/23Sean FoleyRevisiting Proto-Central Ngwi Tones
4/30Joshua FennellSearching for phonological amelioration


Friday Colloquium Schedule — Fall 2020

Friday Speaker(s)Title of Lecture/Workshop
8/21Linguistics FacultyWorkshop: Creating an Academic Website
8/28Jennifer SmithHow Productive is core-periphery structure in the Japanese lexicon? Empirical results and theoretical implications
9/4David Mora-MarinPaleography of Mayan Hieroglyphs
9/11Sean FoleyNaruo: an endangered Ngwi language spoken in Yunnan, China
9/18Jon HennerWhose Modality Counts
9/25Linguistics FacultyWorkshop: Abstract Writing
10/2Leah Marie DudleyAccent Accommodation in American Students Studying in the UK
10/9Tiffany JudyResidual Effects of Instruction on L@ Acquisition of Aspect
10/16Lamar GrahamCastilian influence on the development of personal(ized) infinitives in Ibero-Romance
10/23Brian HsuHarmonic Grammar in phrasal movement: an account of probe competition and blocking
10/30Megan GotowskiChildren's Comprehension of Comparatives
11/6Emily PaceCareers for Linguists, Linguists for Careers
11/13Linguistics FacultyHow to prepare a lit review


Friday Colloquium Schedule — Spring 2020

FridaySpeaker(s)Title of Lecture/Workshop
1/17Linguistics FacultyLinguistics Outreach Group Meeting
1/24Dr. Stefan FrischBrown Bag Talk at NCSU: Competence is Performance: Bridging the Gap between Language Sound Structure and Speech
1/31Misha BeckerGraduate Student Development Workshop: Abstract Writing and Finding Funding
2/7Graduate StudentsLGSA Meeting
2/14David Mora-MarinThe *k(') > *ch(') Shift in Greater Tzeltalan (Mayan) Languages
2/21Heather MayoThe Dialectal Origins of Borgarmalet
2/28Margaret BenderThe New Voice of God: Linguistic, Cultural and Theological Implications of Translating the Bible into Cherokee
3/27Tiffany JudyTBA
4/3Jonathan HennerReading the Signs: Performative Hearingness in this Era of Language Assessment
4/17No FLC
4/24Katya PertsovaTBA


Friday Colloquium Schedule — Fall 2019

FridaySpeaker(s)Title of Lecture/Workshop
8/30No talk
9/6No talk
9/13David Mora-MarínIzapan Writing: Yet Another Undeciphered Mesoamerican Script
9/20Interest meeting for Linguistics Outreach Group
9/27Elliott Moreton et al.Personal statements and cover letters for PhD programs and private sector employment
10/4No talk
10/11Important non-FLC event: Difficult Discourse workshop in Hyde Hall University Room, 1:00-5:00 pm
10/25Tristan Bavol and Victoria JohnstonDivergent Principles of Numeral Formation in P'urhepecha
11/1Jen SmithStatistics workshop: Interactions
11/8Peter BaumgartnerApplied NLP: Lessons from the Field
11/15Yunchuan ChenAn experimental approach to the L2 acquisition of the head noun phrase in Japanese relative clauses
11/22Adam AlbrightSpeakers avoid saying improbable words, but not exceptional words