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UNC Linguists at Annual Meeting on Phonology 2020

Several UNC linguists faculty, students, and alumni presented their work at the Annual Meeting on Phonology 2020, hosted online by UC Santa Cruz. They presented the following works:

  • Elliott Moreton, Brandon Prickett (BA 2014, MA 2015), Katya Pertsova, Josh Fennell (current MA), Joe Pater & Lisa Sanders. “Learning reduplication, but not syllable reversal”
  • Mykel Loren Brinkerhoff (MA 2019) and Eirik Tengesdal. “MATCHING phrases in Norwegian object shift”
  • Brandon Prickett (BA 2014, MA 2015) and Gaja Jarosz. “Modeling the acquisition of phonological interactions: Biases and generalization”
  • Aaron Kaplan (BA 2002). “Opacity in Eastern Andalusian harmony”


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